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10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog In 2021

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Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and spreading the knowledge you have in your field of expertise. You can also use it to express your opinions and reviews about products or services or other things that you like or dislike.

Blogging has become a fast-growing phenomenon on the internet. The community of bloggers is very large and more diverse than ever before.

why start a blog

I think the main reason for the popularity of blogging, is that it is free and anyone can do it. There is no expertise required to be better at starting a blog.

So why should YOU start blogging? I am going to try to answer this question by explaining some of the reasons everyone should start a blog right now if they haven’t yet.

So let’s start

1. Attracting Big Audience

Starting a blog enables you to connect with billions of internet users around the globe. If you are providing valuable content to people and asking nothing in return, they love to consume it.

Whether you want an audience for your business or your personal content, right now blogging is the best way to do that.

Imagine if you see two titles, one says “Buy my course on blogging” and the other one says “Guide to starting a blog”.

Which title is more likely to attract your attention?


What about the attention of users on the internet?

I think you got my point, that people are more likely to visit something that is giving them something of value without asking any money.

2. Establishing Authority

I remember a few years back, we used to look at someone’s business card or personal card and say “Man he/she is legit”. The cards were a way of establishing Authority. But that is changed now.

Blogs nowadays work like business cards, and can also be used as resumes or portfolios.

3. Opportunity Creator

Blogs can bring you a lot of opportunities. You can get unlimited reach and traffic on your blog. Also if you are a regular blogger, people start to think of you as an expert. People invite bloggers to speak at conferences and also offer them collaborations.

4. Telling your story

Do want to share your story or experiences with the world? Then you should start a blog right now and start telling your story.

You will have full authority over your story and you will tell it as you want to. You don’t need any journalism or author for that, and you also don’t have to rely on a journalist.

5. Improving Writing Skills

When I started writing my first blog/article, I was irritated, because I was unable to write anything. But as time went by and I started writing regularly, my skills improved.

Starting a blog and writing on it makes you enhance your writing skills and find your writing style. Every person has a different style of writing just like any other art, and with blogging, you can find yours.

6. Financial Potential

A blog with huge traffic and reach can make you a lot of money. Many people use blogs for financial reasons. There are companies that give you the opportunity to place ads on your blogs and earn money when people visit your blog. You can also earn money by selling people’s products on your blog. In short, there are a lot of ways you can earn money with your blog.

7. Improvement in Technological Skills

As I stated earlier that blogging does not require any expertise. Still, you get to learn basic technologies used on the internet for the purpose of enhancing your blog. Following are some of the things you will learn while blogging:

  • How to design on WordPress
  • Best practices of SEO
  • Basic designing skills
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing

8. Meeting New People

The blogging community is full of diverse and interesting people, and they interact with each other more often than you think. People comment on your blogs, ask for collaborations, and some partner with you. I have also found some of my friends through the medium of blogging.

9. Creative Outlet for Artist

Are you an artist?

Do you paint?

Or write stories?

Are you a Photographer?

If you are one of the above people or someone else who creates any kind of art. You can start sharing your art with the world on a blog. People around the world can look at your art and your popularity can grow exponentially.

9. Stand out

Finally, I would like to say that blogging is also a way to have something which makes you stand out from others. In this fast-growing economy and the world having a brand, blog, or being an expert at something is very important.

You would be amazed to know that only 1% of people on the internet write blogs, other 99% view the content written by others. So if you want to stand out you should definitely start blogging.

In conclusion, starting a blog is something that everyone needs to consider living in an internet-dependent society. Also, there is so much to gain and nothing to lose. That is true because you can even make a blog for free.

Feel free to comment on any thoughts you have regarding blogging and share your feedback. Thank You for reading.

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