Tabraiz Bukhari Digital Marketing Introduction to Digital Marketing and Its Types.

Introduction to Digital Marketing and Its Types.

Digital Marketing which is also called “Internet Marketing” is a way for companies and brands to connect with their users and clients by using the internet and other digital platforms.

With digital marketing people use different types of methods to endorese and promote their goods, services, and brands. There are multiple channels they use like, websites, applications, social media, and others for digital marketing.

Here we will talk about what are the types of digital marketing that people are using these days. Analysis by Google Think states that 26% customers search on the applications and 33% customers directly visit brand websites and most of the customer which is 48% of go to search engine to search what they are looking to buy.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are basically two types of digital marketing:

Paid Digital Marketing

Paid digital marketing are technqiues you use on differenly advertising platforms to buy users and customers coming to your website or a social media page. Google ads is one of the biggest platform people use these days for paid digital marketing.

We will explain how different kinds of digital marketing use paid marketing techniques later in this article.

Organic Digital Marketing

If you don’t pay for digital marketing and get the users and visitors by sharing information and providing value to the customers, it is considered organic digital marketing.

You might invest in building your brand, but you don’t spend anything on buying users or customers. They organically come to your website through search engines or finding your social media pages.

Organic Marketing 

Where you don’t pay for users

Paid Marketing, Advertising

Where you pay for users

Are not Mutually exclusive 

SEO – Organic Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization – Rules and regulation of Search Engine

PPC – Pay Per Click – Advertisement 

Google Ads

Meta: Facebook Ads, Instagram ads

Linkedin Ads

Bing Ads

Social Media Marketing – Both organic and paid

Any type of marketing done through social media example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Linkedin

Email Marketing – Both organic and paid

Marketing done through email

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Collaboration or partnership with an influencer

Affiliation with a big organisation and company, Getting commissions by selling their services or products.

Influencer Marketing

Commission based

Fixed price

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