Ford is Cutting off 3,000 White-Collar Jobs

Ford Motor has confirmed that they are gonna cut jobs of 3,000 contract and white collar employees. This is related to their transition towards electric cars.

They notified their workers in email that was sent to all the affected employees.

These jobs were mostly held by people in US, Canada and India, and it equals to 1% employees in the company. 1,000 of these 3,000 people are not on the payroll of the company, they are working on contract with Ford.

Mr. Farley has shared recently that Ford has a lot of employees, and some of these employees are not skilled enough or does not have the capacity to develop softwares that we need for electric cars. He says they will cut 6 Billion dollars in costs till the end of 2026.

All automobile companies are trying to remove the gap between them and Tesla in the electric car market.

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